28 Apr


This adventure has been one that has mostly centred around relationships. Meeting new people, rediscovering lost friendships and the longstanding bond of Family. The one question God has been challenging me with is “What does the authentic Andrew look like?”. When surrounded with relationships where people hide behind masked representations of theirselves and when I find myself removed by my “safe, comfortable Christian community”. This has given me a fresh perspective on the phrase “In the world, but not of it.” You see, it is hard to take the Narrow Path that Jesus spoke of because it’s the road less travelled. There have been moments on this trip when I have found myself lost or at a crossroads, and where I have had to seek God’s guidance or words. It’s in this time where the true self is built up, and God continues to strip back the layers of lies and false truths that have been believed. I think I have found relating to people initially a challenge, where there is quite a negative culture when it comes to differences in culture and beliefs. As someone who sometimes struggles to initiate a new relationship, God encouraged me to stretch my comfort zone. Once I began talking I was able to meet and develop new relationships with other travellers along the way, and found myself engaged in authentic and vulnerable conversations. It didn’t matter about our cultural or religious beliefs because we were being authentic. I think authenticity is one of the the least understood words in our culture, particularly amongst Christians. I believe that Jesus calls us as leaders to be open and vulnerable and to allow others to be in authentic relationships with us. We need to ignore our insecurities and invite people into our lives, giving them access to us – to our stories and journey. That means giving access to the good, the bad and the ugly. I feel that God is saying that I need to stop being intimidated by not having it all together. In only a few days I fly to Colorado to attend the Wild at Heart conference, this is one of the things I will be reflecting on. In the lead up we have been asked to be praying the following prayer:

Lord Jesus,

I come to you now to be restored in you, and take refuge in you. I give my life to you today in every way – body, soul and spirit, heart, mind and will. Cover me with your blood. Fill me with your Spirit. Lead me in every way. I ask you to prepare me for the upcoming Boot Camp. Prepare the way before me. Protect my coming to this event. Let nothing keep me from all you have for me. I bring the Cross of my Lord Jesus Christ over my life these next few weeks, and over my home, my family, my job. I cut off every plan of the enemy that would take me out, by the power of the Cross and Blood of Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus, send your angels to guard and keep me. Go before me in the days leading up to this retreat, in all my travels, and in my time at Boot Camp. Prepare the way for me. In the meantime, I take my place in your Cross, Resurrection and Ascension. I bring the Kingdom of God and the authority of Jesus Christ over my life, and over all my domain. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen.

17 Apr

The Adventurous Spirit

When I began this journey I really had no idea on what it’s purpose was. I had my pre-concieved ideas but ultimately I did not know what it was that God had planned for me. 

I just returned a few days ago from an amazing fortnight adventure through Scotland. It was an amazingly shaping time that God used to satisfy every part of my soul. 

There was the physical adventures where I had to step out into the unknown, not knowing where I was going or how to really get there. I met incredible people on the way and found myself thoroughly engaged in their stories as they shared a little bit of what their life is all about. 

However, there was also this strong unsettled spirit within me. I found refuge in God but my spirit felt torn between decisions and I found myself at a Crossroads going “God, where do I go from here?”. 

The response was God, in His gracious manner replied: “Andrew, what do you want to do next?”. I think my problem sometimes is that I see God as a tightrope, that we have to walk and balance according to this defined path that He has set for us. Then I am constantly reminded of His grace, and that He is much more of a 1 Corinthians 10:31 God, where He says: “So whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

Yes, I believe that there are clear times where God calls certain people to do certain things but I think for me in this season that God is trusting me to make my own decisions. He is calling me out of my indecisiveness and into doing whatever I choose for His glory. 

Whilst their has been some physical adventures I would say that the majority of this journey has been about the adventure of the heart and spirit. As God continues to grow me by providing opportunities for me to reflect the nature of Christ, or an opportunity for me to grow more into the Character of Christ. 

As I have travelled, I have found myself reflecting on the past – all that God has done and used in my life. Becoming reminiscent of the path behind me. Now is the time where God is inviting me to use this Adventurous Spirit to invest into people and to stay firmly planted in the communities that He calls me into. Yes, this adventure has been completely individual to myself but it feels like it is transitioning me into going back to lead others into the adventurous nature of what God is doing in the heart of Sydney. 

Whilst God has already done a lot, I am still only at the halfway mark. Where I find myself slighty anxious but also anticipating what the next few weeks hold. This is my prayer:


Thankyou for already the adventures that I have been on. I pray in this continuing time that you would continue to invite me deeper into what you are saying to me. Papa, would you teach me to reflect more of your Son’s character and nature. As I step into the next few weeks I ask for a supernatural peace, wisdom and a courageous heart. Would you shape and guide this journey but also encourage me to shape it myself towards doing it for your Glory. I pray all this in your Holy and abundant name. Amen. 

03 Apr

Growing Pains

  Any adventure would not be complete without some Growing Pains to make it a bit more challenging at the beginning. So today marks the end of my few weeks staying with my family as I now head for a bit of a Solo Scottish adventure. 

I’ll be enjoying a nice scenic coach ride for 7 hours up to Edinburgh, where I will stay for the night. Before commencing on a five day journey around the Scottish highlands. Before coming back to Edinburgh for a few nights and then heading to a beautiful campsite called Abernethy Ardeonaig before heading on my way. 

The other day I asked my Mother to send me Her family tree, which dates back to the 18th Century and it got me so fascinated into my Heritage that I began doing my own research. 

Family is very important, and I’ve always kind of known but never fully appreciated till recently just how much I miss my Family in England. I become quite reminiscent of absent holiday celebrations and birthday’s without my family. It made me ask the question – What makes someone family? Is it just blood or is it something more than that?

This question has been driving me to try and locate my Grandfather, someone I am anxious to connect with before He dies. Never really growing up with Grandparents I always felt like I had missed out on something. Having wise old council that not only cherishes you but that you can learn from their experiences.  
As I approach Scotland I am finding it quite hard to leave my Family. This has become a safe, comfortable environment that I wish would not end. It feels like I have only just rediscovered this part of me that must come to an end. I do know that is exactly what God is asking me to do. He’s asking me to step on my own two feet into the world ahead, to be courageous and trust in Him. 

As I reflect upon Scotland I am excited about what God has for me to discover. My prayer is this:

Papa God, 

Thankyou for allowing me to have this beautiful time with my Family. I pray that you would help me nurture those relationships over time so that I may continue to stay connected with them. As this adventure continues I ask for safety and protection over myself and my family. I ask you to guide and Father me through this journey. Father, help me to discover what you are saying to me in Scotland. May I be present and open to your Spirit’s guidance. Would you remove any lies, anxieties or fears I have going into this. Would you replace it with peace, hope and love so that I may be able to step into this confidently and say “God, I don’t understand you, but I trust you.” I pray and am expectant for an amazing fortnight ahead. Amen. 

21 Mar



“A man ought to live so that everybody knows he is a Christian… and most of all, his family ought to know.”

D.L. Moody

From the beginning of this journey I have had my heart on developing deep and intimate relationships with my Family and actively searching for opportunities to share my faith with them. As part of this I have been looking at the Identity question – Who am I? How has my upbringing shaped me?
Part of a constantly evolving piece of every person’s heart as we discover the deeper Identity that the Father speaks over us. I personally love superhero movies as I think they speak into a deep truth in my heart about the Father’s heart for me. Every hero has an Origin story, where something was a catalyst for change and now they have to live life in a new way, with a new perspective.
For me, my catalyst was sexual abuse. Something that forced me to grow up far earlier than I intended. It shaped me with a new perspective of a dangerous world, and created a need for control and a desire to escape into my own world of Fantasy, where I could ensure safety and control. I could be the King of my own Kingdom, where there was nothing that anyone could do to harm me. I had the strength to defeat mighty armies and the courage to conquer my own little world.
Sure, I was safe living in my own little world. But whilst I thought I was living in freedom I was actually doing the opposite. I was a slave to my own fears and pain, where escape provided the numbing relief that I so desperately craved. It was because of this that I began to just feel empty, like there was something that I was missing out on. See, this life of control and fantasy wasn’t the “life to the full” that Jesus was speaking about.
That was when Jesus invited me to step out of my own Kingdom and into His, to surrender my authority and submit to His. As I have progressed on this journey the Father has continued to bring new healing and understanding into my abuse and exactly how that has shaped me into the person I am. What I did not realise is that there is a deeper root of abuse that goes back generations throughout my family. Unbeknownst to me until recently, my entire family has been shaped and influenced by abuse and it has created a deep wound in the heart of who they are.
Even though God has brought healing and restoration to this wound in my life, that is not the case with most of my family. They have not been on the same journey of forgiveness, freedom and healing that I had been on. I see this manifest in their conversations, their beliefs and their relationships with others. As I began to understand the history of abuse that my family had endured, I began to realise that maybe God was inviting me to be a catalyst of healing in each of their lives. 
As someone who had found healing, freedom and forgiveness in my own life maybe my role was to lead them on a similar journey. Even though a darkness has surrounded my family for a long time, I believe that God is wanting to shine a light of hope, love and forgiveness into the hearts of my family.
But God doesn’t deal with just the damaged branches, he wants to go deep into the roots of a damaged and wounded heart. The root of which was my Grandfather, a man whom I have never met or heard much about – the great exile of my Ancestry. I felt that God was calling me to find Him and to bring His love, forgiveness and acceptance to him. Something deep in my heart was saying “despite His wrongs, this is a man deserving of the love and mercy of the Father.”
Since the beginning of this trip, I have been asking God to Father me through everything. This was God’s way of revealing a new piece of His Father heart, and inviting me to deepen in my intimacy with Him as I bring that piece of His heart to someone who desperately needs it. Although not traditionally, it is the heart of the Prodigal Son, who despite his mistakes and wrongdoings is embraced by a loving Father. This is how God has postured my heart for when I go to meet my Grandfather.
This is my prayer for the future:

Abba Father,
I thank you that you are an almighty and loving Father, and that you are inviting me to a story of healing and redemption. I pray that I may be a vessel of love and healing to my Family and that you would provide opportunities for me to share my Faith with them. Lord, I know that this is a deep wound in the heart of my Family but I believe one that you want to bring healing and restoration to. I thank you that you have given me a new understanding into your heart for me and my family. I ask for a deeper intimacy with you as you continue to Father me on this journey. I pray for supernatural protection over my family and that the enemy would not have a foothold in this area of our hearts. I pray this in your Holy name. Amen.

15 Mar

The First leg of the journey

  As I sit and reflect on the end of my first week on this Adventure. I am met with a variety of emotions: joy, anticipation and excitement for the parts still ahead; but there is also this feeling of mourning, that every day from here is just counting down the close to this adventure. 

Spending time with so much of my family has given me a new perspective. Looking past their humanity and flaws I am able to see a piece of the Father’s heart in each of them. Reflecting on this has allowed me to gain a deeper and more intimate understanding of the Father’s heart for me. 

I am looking forward to how this journey will grow me as a man as it refines my character, heart and cultivates discipline and nurtures a deeper intimacy with my Father. 

As I have invited God into this process with me He has begun to Father me through the people I encounter and engage with. It is only the beginning but I already am feeling like He is cultivating a deeper heart of engagement within me. 

My Father has prepared the way on this trip as all the details about the United States have now come together. Final registration for Wild at Heart has been completed and He has financially provided for everything. I have no anxiety about the Future as he has placed each piece in front of me as it comes. 

Despite this I must say that my heart is experiencing fierce opposition. I find myself struggling to engage with a Family with such vastly conflicting beliefs and opinions around faith, humanity and love. One of the hardest things I am finding so far on this trip is that despite me wanting to serve and love my Family God is putting me in a position where I must allow others to serve me. 

Although I am engaging with people there is still a part of me that cannot help but feel alone. It is in this weary and alone state of my heart that I must find refuge in the Lord. I must be watchful of the Enemy as He tries to distract me from what my Father is trying to say to me. 

“Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith.” 1 Peter 5

In everything I seek my Father and know that He is with me of this journey. I cast my thoughts, fears and prayers to Him. 

My prayer for the future is this: 

Abba Father,

I thank you for your provision and am thankful for the grace and generosity you have shown me. I invite you to further Father me on this adventure as you lead me to discover the wilderness of my soul. Papa, would you prepare my heart for what you have for me to recieve. I give you permission to do in my heart what you desire for me. Lord, I ask for supernatural protection for myself and my family at the beginning of this adventure. Father, bless and protect my travel as I follow where your voice leads. 

I pray this in your name, 


09 Mar

An Unexpected Journey

  As I sit here alone on this plane, ready to face the adventure ahead – I am met with a vast horizon of emotions: fear, excitement, anticipation, joy and many others. Here I am at twenty stepping into an adventure much greater than myself – not knowing where I am going, what I’ll do or how I’m going to make it home. 

All I know is that I’m stepping into an invitation to a deeply intimate journey with the Father, as I let Him Father me through this process. 

My heart repeats this mantra over and over: “Father, I do not understand you but I trust you.”

 I am filled with a sense of childlike wonder, wholeheartedly trusting that my Father will keep me safe. It is easier for a prince of a Kingdom to step out and face beasts and armies knowing that the Kingdom that stands behind Him. 

My heart longs to be with my Family, to be surrounded by Mikaela – her joy, her wonder and to be immersed in each other’s hearts. 

But the journey ahead is about something much more important, it’s about going straight to the source of the stream, to drawing water from the well of life. 

Although I step out with my own agenda and ideas of what this journey will entail, I know and expect fully well that God has other ideas for the road ahead. 

The road is a road less travelled, a narrow path of the soul – one that stretches and brings you to a place that challenges everything you thought you knew about yourself and the Father. 

It’s a journey of a Son that has been distracted, that has lost His way and must now make the hard, barren trek back to His Father. It is a path of repentance, of acceptance and wholehearted surrender to the mercy of the Father. 

Even these words I write are being ushered in by a Father who is wanting to reconcile with His son. Even though I say Son, this is not just a journey for the heart of a man, it is the heart of a beloved child of an almighty and loving Father. 

The best journey is never the easiest, it is the one that costs the most but brings us to a destination far greater than we originally imagined. 

The journey of the hard, barren wilderness is what makes the destination so treasured – a destination full of peace, joy, hope, love and fullness. Although this is not an easy voyage ahead the destination is worth it.

 John 10:10 says that “The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy; but I have come that they may have life in abundance.”

 The thief wants to rob us of the fullness of the destination, an eternity overflowing in abundance with the Father. He distracts and tricks us into an easier journey which doesn’t pay off in the end. 

There are no shortcuts in the Kingdom journey, there is only the trail heads of the Father that guide us until we reach our destination. These trail heads come from a pursuit of a deep intimacy with our Father, who wants to share wisdom and encouragement for the road ahead. 

The Father will not hijack our adventure, he’ll just wait for us to be surrendered to being a student for Him to guide us. He is the compass to the map of our lives, he is the one that orientates us and directs us through the wilderness of our souls. 

Abba Father,

I come to you knowing that I am the beloved Son. 

Papa, on this road ahead I pray that I may walk with childlike wonder as I allow you to orientate me as you guide me through the wilderness of my soul. 

Father, would you lead me down the narrow hard path so that I may be lead to a destination of a life abundant of an Eternity with you. 

I pray that I may be immersed in you as you allow me to cultivate a deeper intimacy with you. 

I thank you that you Father me through this journey and that you invite me into a process of initiation into the Man that you have designed me to be.

I step out against the armies and beasts of darkness knowing that I have the Kingdom of Heaven behind me. 

I stand in your power and authority and choose to live in your freedom. 

I thank you that you speak new mercies over me every day, and that I can live with those mercies deeply written in my heart. 

Thank you for preparing the way ahead and for your protection as you lead me into a renovation of my heart. 

I pray all this in your heavenly and almighty name.